The Story Behind Wolf Lane Distillery

The Story Behind Wolf Lane Distillery
January 1, 2020 Gin Lane

Wolf Lane Distillery

So you know we’ve developed a bit of a reputation for selecting future award winners for Gin Lane. In the previous 2 months we selected both design award winners and gold medal winners as gins of the month. You can consider this three in a row.

Wolf Lane, despite being a brand new entrant to the market, took out a gold medal at the recent Australian Gin Awards for the tropical gin you’ll be enjoying very shortly.

We spent some time with Darran Barber, one of a trio of friends, to find out what lead them to this blistering start with their very first gin.

Darran Barber (panel beater by trade), Sam Kennis (the hospo guru) and Grant Buckham (builder by trade) aren’t new to hospitality anymore, having previously found success with Three Wolves (their cocktail/whisky bar and restaurant in Cairns) Flamingo’s Tiki Bar, and Bay Rd Brewing. Wolf Lane distillery is their last joint venture and taps into the ever growing gin boom in Australia, albeit with a distinctly Far North Queensland slant.

Following their success in cocktails, rum, whisky and beer, the guys felt the time was right to tackle producing their own gin, one which could feature in their own hospo locations, as well as other bars in the region and around Australia. Building on their knowledge from operating Gin Social (featuring over 150 gins) in Cairn’s Hilton Hotel, they were fortunate to secure a disused building right next door to Three Wolves.

A former horse stable, it also happened to be a red brick building, something not readily found in Cairns. Having secured this in October 2018, they set about gutting the place, renovating it and bringing it back to its former glory. In the meantime having secured licences, conducted numerous gin experiments and landed on their ideal recipe, they were ready to launch Wolf Lane.

The thing that takes our breath away is the trio have done all of this since Darran moved to Cairns in 2014. It seems the desire to bring a small bar and cocktail drinks culture to FNQ is strong with the friends. If they have an interest and a passion for something they go all out for it, which we can really appreciate.

Needless to say, we’re fairly sure these three won’t be standing still over the coming years. Darran gave us an insight into some future releases they’re working on, the Tropical Gin is already joined by a grown up Navy Strength sibling.

Thanks to some healthy contacts in the industry, Wolf Lane is growing rapidly and being introduced down the East coast. Through Gin Lane, we’re pretty sure the demand will also now grow steadily across the country as word spreads from our members.

Enjoy this juniper driven taste of the tropics and head over to our how to drink article for more insights on Wolf Lane’s medal winning gin.


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