The Story Behind Wild Spirits Distilling Co.

The Story Behind Wild Spirits Distilling Co.
December 1, 2019 Gin Lane

Wild Spirits founder, James Dumay, is the brother of David Dumay and son of Dave Dumay…the family behind Dad n Daves brewing on Sydney’s northern beaches.

It seems booze is pretty much the family business, although James’ background is a little more tech based. James developed a career with some of the best known names in tech startups including Canva and Atlassian before jumping over to the drinks industry.

It’s probably no surprise that someone with alcohol production so close to home would begin experimenting themselves and for James this meant playing around with some gin infusions.

That most beautiful of test beds, the small 5l still, was the breeding ground for some great experiments that lead to the Bloody Merry gin you’ll be enjoying shortly.

The experimentation process was obviously so influential for James that he made putting it on the bottle in some form a priority. That incredible piece of art and design is a great feature and we love the story behind it.

James’ friends, who he regularly tested his creations with, feature around the sampling table on the bottle, designed by Denomination (a drink design agency).

It’s a great bottle and we were delighted to see the design matched the product inside for quality. Good marketing is never enough, on its own, to please us!

Since moving from his tech career into gin production full time, James has been a busy man. We’re happy to say we caught him early enough in his production, that a handful of members will even have received some batch 1 bottles of Bloody Merry. Considering our production was fulfilled over the course of a week and multiple batches, this is as small batch as it gets in Australian gin!

Like most distillers James isn’t standing still. An intro to prospective customers at the Gin Palooza in Sydney, is being followed with a stand at Sydney’s first Craft Drinks Market on 8 December.

Along the way the bottle has already been awarded best design award at the recent Australian Gin Awards….that makes 2 for 2 in a row for Gin Lane!

The experimentation hasn’t stopped and we’re sure the Bloody Merry will be joined by a sibling in the range in the not too distant future.


Since we last had the pleasure of shipping Wild Spirits Bloody Merry gin, James has been a busy man.

In between responding to the Covid 19 outbreak with a soon to be released hand sanitiser and developing a new gin in the range (our March gin of the month), he’s also picked up a bronze medal at the prestigious World Spirits Competition in San Francisco.

Have we mentioned we know how to pick a winner??



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