The story behind The Grove Experience

The story behind The Grove Experience
May 2, 2016 Gin Lane

As we mentioned we had the pleasure of visiting The Grove back in January (2016) for the first time.

Situated in the heart of the stunning Margaret River, better known of course for its winemaking, The Grove was the first of several distilleries to open in the region.

Possibly the thing that impressed us most on arrival, was the sheer range of spirits being produced by this incredible distillery. From their award winning Absinthe to their double gold winning spiced rum and everything in between, if it can be distilled The Grove has it covered.

You can probably tell by now, every Australian distillery has a story and the distillers are often incredible characters. Head distiller James Reed is no exception. In the time we had to chat with him we learnt among other things that James was born in Alaska. As a teenager he built his own still and began distilling. To clarify, this was at the age of 14!

A career, which among things, has included developing and manufacturing stills and the research of spirits as an alternative fuel, finally led James down under and to Margaret River in 2012.

Fellow Brit Steve Hughes created The Grove Vineyard following a varied career in finance, insurance and fuel distribution. Of course because it’s the The Grove, they don’t just have a distillery, but also a brewery, vineyard, café and more. Our only drawback with our visit to The Grove, was we didn’t leave a whole day to spend leisurely sampling their delights!

If you’re ever over in Margaret River, don’t make the same mistake, leave yourself plenty of time and we promise you won’t be disappointed!


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