The Story Behind The Farmer’s Wife Distillery

The Story Behind The Farmer’s Wife Distillery
October 1, 2019 Gin Lane

Kylie Sepos is the Farmer’s Wife…and brains, palate and distiller behind our lovely September gin of the month.

Following a pretty satisfying career in the food and restaurant industry, Kylie decided the time was ripe to follow her dream and making a move into distilling.

Where did the dream begin…where else but Tassie of course! After a trip to the Apple Isle around 6 years ago, Kylie and farmer husband Gavin were taken by the amazing, food and of course spirits they came across. The dream of one day launching their own distillery took hold and bubbled on in the background once they returned home to NSW.

How many times have we said something like ‘good things come to those who wait? It seems each distiller we speak to has spent an ever-increasing time working to get their distillery open and their gin launched.

Apart from the usual attention to detail, wanting to get recipes, branding, bottles etc just right…there is of course one key item that can hold up any distillery…their still.

With many craft distillers choosing quality, custom made stills both overseas and here in Australia, the best still makers are in hot demand. In Kylie’s case this meant engaging a familiar respected name, Peter Bailey in Tasmania. With the queue already building for other distilleries Kylie had to wait more than 18 months for her shiny new copper still.

The wait could have been worse, especially if it had been holding up the launch of their gin. In this instance being both a perfectionist and someone who wanted to make her gin in the most traditional way possible, Kylie took about 3 years to perfect her recipe anyway.

Kylie explained that, as a first-time distiller, a large proportion of this time was spent on research and laying her hands on every useful book she could find. Years of research, individually distilling botanicals, mixing, remixing and mixing botanicals some more, eventually led to the final recipe for the Autumn Dry Gin.

Kylie tells us she documented the whole process in a black diary, which must make fascinating reading to look back on. For anyone who thinks distilling gin must be a fairly simple process of mixing a few botanicals and throwing them in a still, we’re sure that diary would set them straight!

Distillation takes place at the family’s farm in Allworth NSW. Situated about 50 mins from Newcastle along the scenic Buckett’s Way. It’s well worth a visit to sample the gin in its natural environment shall we say. At this point you’ll need to make an appointment to stop by. Between distilling and running a working farm, the family have their hands full so need to plan for visitors. Future plans include a custom-built distiller, tasting room and more and we’re sure it’ll be a firm fixture for locals, visitors and of course us!


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