The story behind Patient Wolf

The story behind Patient Wolf
May 8, 2017 Gin Lane

Patient Wolf is the project of two mates Dave and Matt from an urban distillery in Melbourne’s Brunswick.

Having met as colleagues back in 2011, numerous drinks at their local helped them to the realisation they shared a few things in common; families from farming backgrounds, an appreciation for good alcohol and being less than satisfied with corporate life.

Dave and Matt knew they wanted to create something for themselves, they also wanted it to be something hands on, that perhaps could reflect their ‘DNA’, coming from farming families. The pair had both spent time travelling in Europe, particularly London, Spain and Portugal. The gin scene is particularly strong there and played a part in setting the direction for their future project.

Matt and Dave were drawn to the variety and complexity of producing gin. They felt that, apart from being an amazing drink, it would give them the creative licence to really make it their own. The challenge of ensuring the botanicals worked together was going to be interesting and engaging.

After deciding gin distilling was the path for them, Dave and Matt were able to take advantage of the knowledge provided by the likes of Cam Mackenzie at Four Pillars, in getting a handle on the industry.

They went about their process in a very methodical way. Having taken the typical steps to starting a new business, business plans, forecasts etc, they then spent several years building their knowledge base. Time in the US (Matt) and NZ (Dave) was spent visiting distilleries and learning as much as they could.

They also surrounded themselves with experts wherever possible along the way. Whether it was visiting spice experts in Melbourne to refine their botanical selection, or sending gin samples halfway around the world to a Danish distiller, they acquired valuable knowledge and input throughout.

Dave and Matt were even fortunate to have a 4th generation still maker in Sebastian Muller arrive to assist them with the initial set up and running of their new Muller still.

After quite a few years of lead up, including a 14 month lead time for their custom German built Muller still, Patient Wolf was ready to go.

A successful Pozible campaign launched Patient Wolf and we’re delighted to be bringing the fifth batch of this superb gin to our members. Want to know what a Tonka bean is and what it can do in a gin? Read on for our tasting notes and drinking guide.


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