The Story Behind Nosferatu Distillery

The Story Behind Nosferatu Distillery
November 7, 2019 Gin Lane

Rory Smith is the man behind this uniquely named, uniquely designed and uniquely flavoured contemporary gin, Nosferatu.

As a student of art and film Rory always had a passion for the creative arts and film. While he did spend time in the creative industries, he realised that dreams of the big time in Hollywood may not come to fruition. A worthy switch to wine and spirits led him to a new dream of creating a contemporary Australian gin.

If you’re not a fan of arthouse cinema (cue raising our own hands), you may wonder where the name Nosferatu came from.

Nosferatu is a 1922 unauthorised film adaptation of Bram Stoker’s book Dracula. With use of the name refused to them, the film makers used Nosferatu instead. This black and white film has become a cult classic and provides the inspiration for this tastefully designed and superbly creepy gin.

Details stand out the more you take in the award winning bottle design from Melbourne agency Whippet. It features the moonlit shadow of the vampire count Nosferatu standing menacingly in the foreground and the village he haunts behind him.

As striking if not more so, is the rich red colour of this gin. Visually matching the blood orange flavour of the gin, it stands out in every way on the shelf.

Nosferatu is just the first in a planned range of art and film inspired gins. Just prior to receiving the Noseferatu for our members, a second and altogether different gin was released. Pale green in colour, the Mandrake is a cucumber and mint gin. Great things are on the horizon for Nosferatu Distillery. If you like your gins to look as good as they taste, this will definitely be a distillery to keep your eye on .


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