The story behind Noosa Gin

The story behind Noosa Gin
February 7, 2022 Gin Lane

January’s gin of the month, Noosa Gin, comes to us straight from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

The gin is one of the headline acts for local distillery Noosa Heads Distillery. You’ll no doubt see its distinctive label popping up in many more bars and bottle shops soon.

The man behind the gin itself is Jackson Boyd, a chef by training. We’ve said it before and will again, chefs bring an incredible skill set to gin, that’s resulted in some of our all time favourites.

The knowledge of bringing flavours together in a balanced way is ultimately what great gins are about. Ester and Reed and Co are just a couple of examples that spring to mind from chefs become distillers.

In Jackson’s case, having worked for a number of top Australian restaurants, he sought more experience overseas in London. Some of that experience came through one of London’s Michelin starred restaurants Texture. For Jackson, while the experience was incredible, the idea of spending his career in a commercial kitchen environment just didn’t suit him long term.

Jackson headed north to a very small town situated near an equally small distillery Edradour. He was able to spend time learning everything he could about the art of distilling single malt whisky, while igniting a new passion for the industry.

Back in Australia, Jackson continued his distilling education, before teaming up with Noosa local and owner of Land & Sea brewery Tim Crabtree as the newly created Noosa Heads Distillery’s, head distiller.

Noosa, evocatively dubbed the ‘Republic of Chillaxico’ was the ultimate inspiration for the vivid yellow labelled Noosa Gin. Laid back, chilled, not too serious, but with enough depth beneath to keep you interested and coming back for more.

Jackson also wanted to create a gin that could feature some of the finest local sunshine coast products. Sugarcane, green mango and valencia orange are woven into the mix and ensure this gin is representative of where it’s produced.

Leaving the gin itself to the side for a minute, you have to drink in (no pun intended) that vivid orange yellow label. The nostalgic, Australiana inspired imagery adds to the overall feeling of this gin. It looks like it tastes like it’s from the Sunshine Coast…make sense? It will after a few tall g&ts!

There’s a lot to love about Noosa gin and more to come. One tidy little addition you may want to get your hands on is their Peppered Strawberry gin. Originally created to help local strawberry producers, suffering from the pandemic, it’s set to become a regular feature of the Noosa gin range. We’ve had it and if you’re a strawberry lover, it’s one to get your hands on. In the meantime, do yourself a favour and try and locate some green mango to garnish the ideal serve we’ve got in store for you over at our How to Drink article.


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