The story behind Moore’s and Distillery Botanica

The story behind Moore’s and Distillery Botanica
March 28, 2016 Gin Lane

“This is the best Moore’s yet!”

That was the bold claim from proprietor Philip Moore just a few weeks ago when we spoke to him about Moore’s Vintage Dry Gin becoming the Gin of the Month for April.

Wow! It was pretty good when we tried it back in early 2015.  Indeed, he was our first…distillery we visited as Gin Lane when we were doing our research. You can imagine the hardship for us back then.

Distillery Botanica is based in Erina on the NSW Central Coast, about 90 minutes north of Sydney. As well as a working distillery pumping out all manner of liquors and spirits (check out his world famous Mr Black) it’s also a beautiful wedding venue and café.

Philip does everything almost single-handed. He is one of those rare people. A fantastic host, extremely knowledgeable about everything, not just gin. Always experimenting, constantly succeeding. Along with Bill Lark he’s one of the elder statesmen of the Australian Distilling industry with over a decades experience. Before that he ran a garden nursery business for 20 years so he knows his local and international botanicals.

He’s one of those bookish gin makers. It’s all about science. He uses a rare Carter Head style still and during the distilling process they pass alcoholic vapours through wire baskets full of their fresh botanicals allowing them to capture their essence as purely as possible.

The process distils each botanical separately, so there can be some differences in flavour from year to year. He calls it ‘vintage’ to cover himself.

We (and of course you, our members) are very fortunate that he believes this is the best Moores he’s ever created. Most of you won’t have any basis for comparison but having tried the latest batch, we would certainly agree.

Nice one Philip!


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