The Story Behind McHenry Distillery

The Story Behind McHenry Distillery
June 6, 2018 Gin Lane

McHenry Distillery sits on Mt Arthur in the Tasman Peninsula in Tasmania. It’s isolated, in fact, it’s the southernmost distillery in Australia. It may not be easily accessible but it’s a perfect spot for a distillery and when founder Bill McHenry was looking for a location, with water and climate at the top of his list, he looked out over the sea and knew he’d found the ideal home for McHenry.

Bill McHenry is a genuinely interesting person who we were thrilled took the time to tell us his story.

While working in the pharmaceutical industry, a near miss while driving home one day made Bill think about his career and trying new things. One evening at a barbecue, Bill struck up a conversation with a neighbour, who jokingly suggested McHenry would be a great name for a whiskey distillery.

The idea stuck, and Bill started investigating whiskey distilling. But whisky takes time, so to fill in the weeks, Bill developed his London Dry Gin, which was so well received that gin became a permanent part of the McHenry family.

Sloe, barrel-aged and navy-strength gins quickly joined the line-up and having tasted all of these, we can truly say we’re big fans of McHenry’s gins. It was a chance encounter at a tasting in Sydney only a couple of months ago, that led to us being able to bring you the limited and exclusive Summer release.

2018 McHenry Update

Since our last visit to McHenry for their wonderful Summer Gin, things have moved forward even more quickly at the distillery.

While McHenry has been running their gin making workshops for some time, they were conducted in the distillery itself. Now, thanks to a new purpose-built pavilion up the hill from the distillery, you can now make your own gin with some of the most stunning views in the country. While there’s plenty to see and do if you take a visit to Port Arthur in Tasmania, the McHenry experience is worth making the trip for on its own.

In addition to expanding at home, McHenry is making great inroads overseas. If you’re heading on travels this year, you’ll be pleased to know you can grab a taste of home everywhere from Japan and Taiwan, to Germany and the UK. Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Italy are on the target list also.

In between all of this Bill has found the time to bring several seasonal releases out, including a damson gin and his popular Christmas gin featuring gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Most importantly was the release of the McHenry Federation gin, our gin of the month in May 2018. Check out our article for more details on this special addition to the McHenry line-up.



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