The story behind Canberra Distillery

The story behind Canberra Distillery
July 6, 2016 Gin Lane

Meeting people like Tim from Canberra Distillery is what Gin Lane is all about for us.

Just when you think you’ve established the ‘types’ of people distilling in Australia, you meet Tim and realise once again just how diverse this industry really is.

Tim’s background is as an economist and lobbyist in Canberra and now he’s living the dream…well our dream anyway! Tim operates one of Australia’s newer distilleries right in his own backyard…literally.

We were fortunate to be given the tour and check out Tim’s impressive set up. What struck us immediately is the difference in approach to many other distilleries we’ve visited. While some aim for a very traditional look and feel in their set up, Canberra Distillery is rocking some very high tech gear. No copper stills here, just a couple of very purposeful looking stainless steel stills.

Tim’s stills have a full digital set up, which ensures he has complete control over every aspect of the distillation process. Nothing is left to chance and unlike some distilleries, Canberra make their own base spirit rather than purchasing it and redistilling to add the flavour.

If you’re interested in these things, which we know you are, Tim uses the vapour infused method in his gin. This means the vapours are passed over the gin in the still column, rather than being included in the wash pre-distillation.

Distilling the gin this way gives Tim better control over the process, and by extension the final product, an exceptionally good dry gin!




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