The story behind Antipodes Gin

The story behind Antipodes Gin
February 7, 2017 Gin Lane

Antipodes gin is a little different from many of the gins we bring you at Gin Lane. It’s the project of a couple of best mates, Shane and Rory, who were originally from Mildura in Victoria.

The district Mildura sits in, known as Sunraysia, had a big impact on the type of gin Shane and Rory wanted to make.

While Antipodes isn’t a distillery in its own right, the gin is made for them by a Hunter Valley based distillery. This in no way reflects on their personal involvement in the gin, as you’ll see.

Shane is a professional photographer by trade (check out the amazing imagery on their social channels) and both Rory and Shane are passionate cooks. We have this foodie inspiration to thank for some of the botanicals that made their way into Antipodes gin.

What immediately stands Antipodes apart from any other Australian gin, is the fact that it’s Australia’s first (and only to date) certified organic and carbon neutral gin. In chatting with Shane, he was keen to stress that while this gives them an obvious point of difference in the market, there is a lot more to it.

Making a gin that would be sustainable and have a minimal impact on the environment, was a key goal for them. Being able to offer a trusted product that begins with GMO free ingredients and ends with a carbon neutral product ensures Antipodes appeals to more than just gin lovers. It also appeals to an increasing number of people who want to support products that have minimal impact.

While we won’t go in depth into what’s required to gain certification, it’s a complex, time consuming and costly process. Not only do Antipodes require certification, but the many suppliers of botanicals and other products, also require certification.

We should also note, this is not a one time certification, retaining it requires regular audits up and down the supply chain. It has us exhausted just thinking about it and we’re delighted to be able to support this worthy product through Gin Lane.


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