The story behind 2020 Distillery

The story behind 2020 Distillery
August 5, 2021 Gin Lane

Brian Bedding, founder of 2020 Distillery’s story began, appropriately, in East London in the UK. While his family made the move to Australia while he was still young, this heritage is apparent in both the name of this gin, as well as the classic botanicals featured in it.

The name while coinciding with a 2020 launch is actually conceived from the idea of 2020 vision. From the earliest days of planning the distillery, Brian had a clear idea of what he wanted from the distillery, the products and the brand. A mate’s suggestion that this ‘perfect vision’ of what he wanted could translate into the name 2020 Distillery stuck fast.

A carpenter by trade, Brian’s most recently been employing his skills in FIFO work around the country. His wife Nadia has been a doctor in training for much of the last 10 years with uncertainty about where her training would take her in Australia.

Fortunately for the couple and lucky Sunshine Coast locals, things have settled down more recently. Brian began considering life after FIFO a couple of years ago with the major requirement being the chance to own his business and be his own boss.

We’re sure it won’t surprise anyone who follows our distillery stories, but it was a wedding anniversary trip to our southernmost state that planted the seeds for 2020 distillery. If you’re not familiar, suffice to say Tasmania has been the inspiration for more than a few of Australia’s craft distilleries!

In fact one tassie distillery in particular, and a favourite of ours, played a more intimate part. Rex and Chris at Nonesuch hosted Brian for a period while he was building experience in a real world distillery environment.

It was shortly after this that Brian took a slightly different turn to many of the distilleries we work with. Crunching some numbers on various still sizes and production output, he came to a realisation. His dream of giving up ‘the day job’ would mean a far bigger set up than he’d originally been thinking. Significant investment from retirement savings and family set him up to be able to go big.

The brand new distillery is housed across 4 industrial units in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. In addition to a 3500l still called Bill, there’s also a 400l column still and 700l pot still called Jean after Brian’s mum. The gin you’re enjoying is made on Jean for now and will switch to Bill as demand requires it.

If you’re a local looking for a superb spot to enjoy a gin (or other drink), you’ll find a stylish modern bar housed in the distillery. Those of us interstate may have to wait a little longer to get across the border to check things out.

The good news is this new distillery isn’t going anywhere. While Brian is technically still engaged with FIFO work, this has been curtailed a fair bit in the past 1 ½. Fortunately this has meant some extra time to focus on the build and launch of the distillery.

If all goes according to plan, Brian hopes to step away from FIFO and into the distillery business full time. This is a man who truly enjoys what he does, you can hear the passion in his voice when he talks about distilling. He uses the word ‘fun’ more than once to describe the job.

This passion for what he does and pursuit of excellence has translated into all different aspects of the 2020 brand. The bottles feature high quality, stylish labels. The distillery is modern and classy with room to grow production into the future, while providing a comfortable place to host customers.

Visitors to the bar will be able to enjoy live music from up and coming and local musicians. The drinks menu is extensive with over 20 different g&t serves alone. This menu is driven by the expanding gin line up coming out of the distillery.

2020 has several gins including a recently released navy strength called George. We’ve tried it and can confidently say it’s excellent! As Brian says ‘gin is like a great risotto, once you’ve got a good base, you can do so much with it.’

There’s no doubt Brian has built the base for a highly successful new distillery. We’ll be looking forward to following this journey and as soon as we’re out of our Sydney lockdown, we’ll be heading northward for a visit!

Maybe we’ll see you there!


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