The Story Behind 002 Ginius Release

The Story Behind 002 Ginius Release
March 11, 2020 Gin Lane

In a little over four years of running Gin Lane, we’ve come across all manner of Australian produced gins.

We’ve selected for our gin of the month everything from traditional dry gin to pink gin, to navy strength gin and everything in between.

If you were fortunate to be with us back in December 2017 when we released our first ‘Ginius Release’ exclusive gin. This was a version of Never Never Distilling Co.’s Southern Strength gin. The current and final commercial release of this gin is a multi award winner…including best gin in the world.

Our tours of and visits to distilleries around the country will often throw up some interesting surprises. There’s probably not a distillery in the country that doesn’t have an ‘experiment’ or two sitting in storage somewhere. It might be a recipe that didn’t fit the bill (not necessarily a bad gin), or a product that the distiller just hasn’t had time to complete or release to market.

It’s these products that really get our juices flowing, as we love to be able to bring you something that is both great…and only available to you exclusively through Gin Lane.

002 Ginius Release is one such product due to a fortunate visit at the right time. The distillery for now will remain anonymous as we plan to work with them again in the future. We’ll cover their specific story at that time.

For now we can paint the picture of walking through a distillery and seeing some containers of a clear liquid, that naturally piqued our curiosity.

When asked, the distiller offered us a taste and luckily we were pretty happy with where the gin was at. This wasn’t planned for a commercial release, more for the distiller’s (and friend’s and family’s) own gin shelf. We thought it was too good for such a limited supply and began working with the distillery to bring it to bottling under our own label. A few minor tweaks to the recipe and here you have our second exclusive ‘Ginius Release.’

Naturally we’re always on the hunt and you can certainly expect to see a 003 and beyond in the future!

For now enjoy this special release and we can’t wait to hear what you think of the first gin with our name on it.


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