The Sound of Gin

The Sound of Gin
February 18, 2021 Gin Lane

For the last five plus years at Gin Lane we’ve worked exclusively with Australian craft distillers.

We see ourselves as a partner, more than just a retailer of gin. This means we aim to find new gins and distilleries early in their launch stage. In this way we’re able to give distillers a boost in promotion and sales when they need it the most.

Telling the story behind each distillery is core to what Gin Lane does. There are so many amazing gins out there, but what intrigues people the most is the story behind each one. Who made it, where are they from, why did they get into distilling and gin in particular.

For over five years, we’ve debated how best to tell our own story. How do we express all we do that can capture someone’s attention quickly and leave them wanting just a bit more that only we can provide.

Thanks to the talented David Boon, a project begun in Covid isolation, came to fruition to capture the Gin Lane story.

The Sound of Gin is the story of a gin from the picking of juniper, to pouring and drinking a fresh, tasty gin and tonic.

We hope like us you’ll watch this and almost taste the drink through the heightened sound and visuals. We hope it leaves you wanting to explore, to find out more and of course to taste more.

Australian gins are recognised as some of the best in the world. We’re delighted to work with so many talented and dedicated distillers to help share their product.

Cheers to the Sound of Gin!


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