The Grove Gin – How to Drink?

The Grove Gin – How to Drink?
May 2, 2016 Gin Lane

The thing you may notice about The Grove Small Batch gin, is it’s quite different to anything we’ve shipped to you so far.

Maybe it’s the English influence that Steven (owner and distiller) brings to the table, but our initial impression was this is very much in the mold of a traditional London dry gin.

In chatting with James (head distiller), he was clear that this was what they were seeking to achieve. Unlike many Australian gins, which feature a variety of native botanicals, The Grove has only 6 (traditional) botanicals including: juniper berry, angelica root, lemon, cinnamon, cardamom and coriander.

The mix of botanicals provides a very classic juniper forward and citrusy flavor. The Angelica Root provides slightly aromatic notes and the gin finishes with a beautiful silky smooth dry finish.

Achieving this flavour starts with macerating the chosen botanicals in the highest quality Australian wheat-based alcohol.

We’re told the purity of this alcohol base means that the gin distillate only incorporates the flavours the distiller wants.

How to drink:

Need we say it? Try it neat for us just to begin with, savour that silky, smooth finish.

After that, why not add some ice for chilling sake. If you liked the Fever Tree tonic we sent with your last shipment, why not pair English with London!

Alternatively, you may want to lay your hands on the newer Capi Dry Tonic we’ve seen in a few bottle shops. It should complement this gin perfectly.

Finally, we’re delighted to bring you a couple of cocktail recipes directly from The Grove to enhance your appreciation of your latest gin.


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