The Artisan Drinks Company

The Artisan Drinks Company
August 31, 2021 Gin Lane

An entrepreneur and an artist walk into a bar…

It may sound like the start of a bad joke, but we promise you it’s not! In fact, the story continues this is where they met Mikey Enright and the rest, as they say, is history!

This eclectic trio of experts came together to produce a unique range of mixers designed to complement an increasingly diverse variety of premium spirits. The company they formed is called ‘The Artisan Drinks Company.’


Artisan’s innovative mixer recipes have been expertly crafted by Mikey Enright, owner of Sydney’s The Barber Shop. If you’re not a Sydneysider, you may not have heard of The Barber Shop which would be a shame. It’s an absolute institution on the Sydney gin scene and beyond. So much so, it won Global Gin Bar of the year, 2020.

The Barber Shop use just one mixer brand in the bar, which is of course Artisan Drinks. With his bartending skills and passion for the finest spirits, Mikey’s the main man when it comes to creating outstanding Artisan Drinks to pair perfectly with craft spirits.

With hundreds of gins (among other spirits) on offer at The Barber Shop, there’s no shortage of juniper spirit to experiment with. As the only mixers on offer, it’s important the range is crafted to accompany the diversity available at the bar.

It’s testament to the Artisan range that it more than stands up to this test. The bar has the happy customers and global award to prove it!

If that wasn’t reason enough to dig into this super range of mixers, bear with us as we lay out a couple more.

Top notch gins should be matched with top notch mixers. Fortunately, Artisan bring this by only using 100% natural ingredients to craft their mixers. The flavour combinations are unique and allow the spirits to shine by not drowning them in sugar and artificial ingredients.

Last, but not least, can we take a moment to step back and appreciate the artistry of the range’s labels? Each bottle features a stylish illustration by international artist Alan Walsh, the artist we mentioned up front. As one of the trio involved in the Artisan brand, his illustrations bring the range to life in a way that no other mixers we’ve come across do.

You’ll be sipping a G&T and admiring the ‘T’ bottle for hours!


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