Poor Toms Dry Gin – How to Drink?

Poor Toms Dry Gin – How to Drink?
November 2, 2016 Gin Lane

Have we mentioned yet this is our favourite summer gin? So much of what you love can be tied back to a day, a moment or an experience that it locks it into your mind and will be associated with it forever.

Perhaps that day when we visited Poor Toms in Marrickville, before Gin Lane had even been launched, was the moment it embedded itself into our subconscious.

To paint the picture, it was a similar day to the Sydney day we’re enjoying even as we’re writing this. Hot, but not too hot, clear blue sky and perfect for a cold gin and tonic. Of course stepping into the distillery the heat went up several notches, a working distillery in summer is not a refreshing experience.

We were immediately hit by the aromas of Poor Toms being distilled, some of the freshest most aromatic aromas you’ll find.

Griff and Jesse served us a couple of G&T’s the way we believe it should be served. A healthy dose of Poor Tom’s gin, dry tonic (not too much), some chilling ice and topped off with a garnish of fresh strawberries.

You can mix this one up into a number of cocktails, but if you go down this path, we recommend you stick to cocktails that will let the gin shine. We haven’t tried it as yet, but a few people (including one of our members) sings the praises of a Poor Toms Martini.

When you taste Poor Toms neat, you’ll immediately notice what a light, floral gin this is. You’ll find the juniper in here easily enough, along with other traditional botanicals. Coriander seeds, cubeb pepper, angelica, cardamom and cinnamon are all present and beautifully balanced. In addition Poor Toms have included some further interesting botanicals in the form of granny smith apples, chamomile , lemon myrtle and strawberry gum leaf.

It’s this strawberry gum leaf you’re enhancing with the strawberry garnish and it works perfectly in this gin. Poor Toms Dry doesn’t sit around long on your palate, but it offers a floral sweetness to begin, with an interesting savoury spice briefly towards the end. As Englishmen we can’t help thinking we’ve missed out by not enjoying this with a great Indian curry as yet!

We’re pretty sure you’re going to be enjoying this a fair bit over summer, this is our go to on long summer afternoons in the park, on the terrace, or by the water.

Enjoy, we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do!


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