Poltergeist Unfiltered Gin – How to Drink?

Poltergeist Unfiltered Gin – How to Drink?
December 22, 2016 Gin Lane

Selecting this gin proved to be one of our toughest decisions to date. Not because we had to decide whether to ship Poltergeist, but because there are two equally fantastic versions of it.

You may be familiar with the process of filtering distilled spirits to avoid a clouding that occurs (louching) when water is added to them. We’ll go into more detail in a future post, but essentially this happens due to the release of oils in the spirit when it comes into contact with the water.

Many bottled spirits are filtered before bottling to prevent this occurring. Once Damian had his perfect recipe for Poltergeist, he set about creating a unique filtering system. Avoiding stripping flavour from the filtering process was key and he does this with a coconut shell carbon filter system.

Once the gin is produced in their 300 litre small still, half is sent for filtering to become the Poltergeist ‘True Spirit’, while the other half is bottled at a healthy 46%, the ‘Unfiltered’. Our decision had to be, which one of these very fine gins we would ship to you. We don’t feel bad that this proved so difficult. The reason both gins exist, is the team at Shene couldn’t decide between them either, so they have bottled both versions.

In the end our personal preference won out. For us the ‘Unfiltered’ has a body and complexity to it that we couldn’t move past.

This gin lingers in your mouth, with a full burst of spicy, warmth and citrusy notes mixed in. We love a higher proof gin here and at 46%, we reckon this is pretty much perfect. The ‘Unfiltered’ doesn’t have the smoothness, or dryness of the “True Spirit’ making it very much a different style of gin. It’s more Australian and the mountain pepper berry comes through beautifully in that warmth.

If you were with us for the Forty Spotted Winter Release, you’ll hopefully pick up on pepper berry, which was featured in it also, albeit toned down far more.

How to drink this one? Begin with some liberal tastings of the Poltergeist neat. There is so much going on with this gin, that you can come back to it several times and pick different aspects out of it. We could sit and breathe this gin in all day long, it has so much aroma, thanks to the lack of filtration.

It makes a cracking G&T for us, because so much of that flavour still comes through. Garnish with a slice of grapefruit, but feel free to experiment with your own.

It’s difficult to contemplate at this time of year, but if you love a wintry style spicy negroni, this could be the perfect gin.

Check out our cocktail recipe for this one also, it’s a stunner!


  1. TREVOR FERNANDES 4 years ago


    I’ve never been a gin drinker mainly due to the juniper (?) smell and taste being overwhelming but a South African friend recently introduced me to one of their local gins “Inverroche” distilled from fynboss vegetation and I find it very pleasant – sadly they produce only small quantities so there is no export market but I travel to JNB fairly often and pick up a few bottles at duty free

    • Author
      Gin Lane 4 years ago

      Hey Trevor, we’re not familiar with Inverroche, but if you’re looking for gins with much more subtle juniper tones, they are definitely out there in Australia. Maybe start with something like Poor Toms dry gin and let us know what you think!

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