September – Poor Toms Fool Strength

Gin – Poor Toms Fool Strength

Distillery – Poor Toms Distillery

Description – If you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying Poor Toms Dry Gin, don’t go into this one thinking it’s just a higher ABV version.

When they decided to develop a gin at 52%, Griff and Jesse quickly discarded that idea. The higher ABV meant that the mix of botanicals simply didn’t work as well. They went back to the drawing board and developed a mix of botanicals that worked best at the higher strength.

This has meant ditching some of the lighter botanicals from their dry gin, simplifying it to 6. Out have gone botanicals such as the strawberry gum leaf and granny smith apples. Instead the guys have upped the juniper considerably, making it the star, while complimenting it with liquorice root, angelica root and grapefruit peel.

What they’ve created is a fantastic gin, prominent on the juniper and citrus. We encourage you to taste this neat to get a full sense of those flavours, but this is not what we would call a sipping gin! It has a great feel in your mouth and that lovely piney sent when you smell it, but this is not Fool Strength’s purpose.

Far better to put it to the use it was developed for and that’s as a cocktail gin. You can take the recommendation of Griff and Jesse themselves and create a super dry martini, garnished with an olive, or in a shaken cocktail like The Last Word.

If you’re enjoying a G&T as the days get longer, a lemon slice for a garnish is our pick.

700ml Bottle Size. 52% Alc/Vol

Product of Sydney, NSW