September ’21 – Red Hen Dry Gin

red hen gin surrounded by botanicals

The final botanical mix for Red Hen dry is:

Juniper, liquorice root, cassia bark, muntrie berries (more on this shortly), cubeb pepper berries, celery leaf, grains of paradise, angelica, rosemary, lemon rind, orris root and almond.

On the nose the gin is light, but juniper forward. There’s some light citrus and a hint of fruitiness from the muntrie. The pallet is crisp and peppery off the back of fresh Celery Leaf, Cubeb Pepper Berries and Grains of Paradise. These tones flow smoothly with a hint of Cassia into a light but earthy finish.

42% ABV

Red Hen Dry Gin 700ml Bottle Size. 42% Alc/Vol

Product of Small Batch Distillers, SA Australia