September ’17 – Saleyards Distillery – Billy Goats Gin

Gin – Saleyard’s Distillery – Billy Goat’s Gin

Description – It’s a pretty standard story.

Warren, a banker from Sydney was travelling around Australia with his partner Catie, and they popped into Rockhampton to visit Catie’s parents and purchased an iconic pub.

Oh, also the pub was originally built in 1881, and needed renovations which were, in Warren’s own words, “a pandora’s box of problems.”. Warren is a Queensland local and passionate about rum, because you know…Rockhampton.

Fortunately, Warren and Catie managed to find another couple just as crazy as them.

Meet Andy and Sam.

Rocky, of course, is rum country. They drink it more than any other spirit, all local sports teams are sponsored by rum companies and “Rum” is the third most popular baby name. That last one probably isn’t true, but rum is undeniably the number one spirit in the region.

So Andy, Warren, Sam and Catie, now proud owners of Saleyards Distillery, decided to distill gin.

Luckily, it’s an impressive gin, and it’s true to the local area as Andy explained to us.

“We spent six months working on the flavour. We wanted something that evoked warm Australian afternoons and the wonderful feeling of having a refreshing gin and tonic in the sun. For that, we needed something fruit-forward and easy to drink.”

We drop Billy Goat’s into the new world Australian gin basket. It’s ranking up there with Poor Toms as one of our favourite summer gins…and you know how much we love Poor Toms!

There’s nothing too heavy in this gin, the juniper takes a slight back seat to its immediate citrus forward notes. This is thanks to those quintessential Australian botanicals finger lime and lemon myrtle, with some ruby grapefruit thrown in for good measure.

Give it a second and some of the more floral botanicals come to the fore, with hints of rose and lavender. Let it sit a little longer and you may enjoy some pink peppercorn at the back of the palate.

In our imagining of the Saleyards story, we reckon the troll sat down to enjoy a martini under the bridge. Anything too much with this gin will take away from it’s delicate place on your tongue. Make your martini super dry and super chilled, top it off with a grapefruit peel twist for garnish.

The Billy Goat’s themselves? They were looking for a longer drink, to sit back and sip and cheers each other with.

700ml Bottle Size. 42% Alc/Vol

Product of Saleyards Distillery