November ’19 – Bloody Merry Gin

Bloody Merry Gin – Pepperberry leaf adds some white pepper spice and a herbal quality that suits this gin well. Where bloody merry begins to earn its name is the addition of celery and fresh cherry tomato with some lemon to boot. It’s these fresh, yet savoury flavours that we think stand Bloody Merry apart. You’ll pick some of them on the nose, depending on your batch no. some will come more to the fore than others.

On the palate this gin is a flavour explosion. It’s full of spice around your mouth..not just the upfront, or finish…just all over your mouth. We love it! The mouthfeel of the gin assists this, it’s creamy and viscous to drink and coats your tongue.

As it sits for a bit, those lighter, fresher flavours of tomato and celery become apparent again really rounding out this gin. If you’re tasting this neat and we recommend you do, you’ll be happy to notice the finish is still lingering long after you’ve swallowed.

Bloody Merry Gin 700ml Bottle Size. 42% Alc/Vol

Product of Wild Spirit Distilling Co. Brookvale NSW, Australia