May ’17 – Manly Spirits Dry Gin

Gin – Manly Spirits Dry Gin

Description –

Having a new distillery pretty much on your doorstep is a wonderful thing! As soon as we knew we weren’t risking certain death by turning up to a distillery under construction, we shot over the harbour bridge to check out Manly Spirits.

Locals David Whittaker and Vanessa Wilton are the founders of Manly Spirits and what a set up they’ve created.

Manly gin is a blend of traditional botanicals such as juniper, angelica root, coriander seed, orris root and cardamom with native botanicals finger lime, aniseed myrtle and mountain pepper leaf. Placing this very firmly on the beaches is the addition of sea lettuce.

There’s a whole story to be told here, but this interesting botanical was selected and is hand foraged by Elijah Holland. Elijah was head forager and chef de partie at the Noma pop up in Sydney last year. He’s also been head chef at Powder Keg a gin inspired restaurant and bar in Sydney. Knowing a thing or two about botanical and gin, Elijah suggested the sea lettuce giving the gin a marine addition.

Manly gin has a combination of citrus and juniper when you smell it. The citrus coming from the orange peel is less sharp and more rounded than a lemon citrus. Manly describe it as bright citrus notes and this works well.

Interestingly once you begin drinking it, we found the juniper was less prominent than we expected from the nose. The orange peel gives it a sweetness, combined with a saltiness from the seaweed that’s really appealing. This is followed by a spicy, peppery warmth.

We tried a few different garnishes with this one, but couldn’t disagree with Manly’s suggestion of a slice of orange, or just an orange twist if you want a more subtle flavour. Do try out our ‘Martinnay’ recipe for this one, as it’s incredibly simple to put together.

700ml Bottle Size. 43% Alc/Vol

Product of Manly Spirits Distillery