March ’17 – Left of Centre Series – Navy Strength

Gin – Left of Centre – Navy Strength

Description -Like all good distillery stories, Adelaide Hills began at home… in the laundry to be precise. Sacha La Forgia began his distilling journey in his laundry at home when he was 18. Yes you read it correctly!

The intervening years for Sacha were spent in the winemaking industry where he refined his craft both in Australia and overseas.

After a number of years travelling the world, Sascha returned to Australia, where he found winemaking wasn’t engaging him as much anymore.

Having seen the growth in distilling on his travels and the beginning of Australian distilling, he decided to turn his hand to it in the Adelaide Hills.

As with Rory at The Story Gin, Sacha brings a winemaker’s skill and training to his gin production. This means a process that involves distilling flavours individually and then blending them for the perfect balance of flavours, aromas and textures.

With the Adelaide Hills being a cooler climate, Sacha is more focused on delicacy and finesse, bringing forward subtle and complex flavours in his gin. These skills are certainly being recognised around the world. In the last week AHD’s 78 Degrees gin was awarded Best International Gin at the American Distilling Awards.

This is high praise indeed for a gin that we are big fans of. With the standard of international gin being so high, it’s a huge win for both Australian distilling and Adelaide Hills particularly.

Fortunately you should be able to lay your hands on 78 degrees at many bigger bottle shops. You might want to get in quick though, as this award will certainly see a jump in recognition and sales.

At Gin Lane we’re always looking ahead; we want to see what’s coming next and whether we can secure a distillery’s new release for our members. After a few months of discussions, we’re delighted to bring you the first release from AHD’s new Left of Centre series. The series will contain AHD’s limited release gins, some of which may make it into their portfolio ongoing.

When drinking this gin, you’ll get some citrus (orange, lemon and lime botanicals) and pine from the juniper on the nose. As a navy strength gin, all of the flavours and aromas are heightened. The gin packs almost double the botanicals of their regular 78 degrees according to Sacha.

When you drink it, you’ll taste some of those same flavours, plus spice and warmth from cloves, cinnamon and black pepper. Nutmeg and star anise also add some faintly herbaceous notes.

In our opinion what really makes this gin stand out is the addition of infused, roasted wattle seed. That’s where the colour is coming from in this gin. Sacha tells us that he makes a concentrated wattle seed infusion, which he then adds to taste post distillation. This helps moderate the alcohol tones from the higher ABV. More importantly you get rich, savoury, chocolate and coffee tones from the wattle seed.

We love how the wattle seed brings this gin to life and makes it the perfect gin to transition from summer to the cooler seasons. We have an incredible martini for you to try that will enhance these flavours. If you’re after a G&T don’t hesitate and try it with a lemon twist and peppercorns.

700ml Bottle Size. 58% Alc/Vol

Product of Adelaide Hills Distillery