January ’18 – Remedy Gin

Gin – Remedy Gin

Description – Chefs Hamish and Rachel were quite happy running their own restaurants and exploring new and exciting food flavours. They were already using the distilling process to create flavoured oils and this naturally led to Hamish wanting to distil gin for personal use. After all, how much time could it take?

Some time after, and with the gin distilling proving to be more interesting and involved than they realised, the couple decided to close their restaurants and focus on gin.

As chefs based in the alpine region of Victoria, you want to make something unique and authentic. Hamish and Rachel decided to play to their strengths – both the location and their skill set. Rather than prioritising ingredients, they focused on flavour; sometimes combining several different variants of an ingredient to create a more “complete” flavour experience.

“It all depends on the season and the flavour you are going for,” says Hamish.” For example, if we are looking for a refreshing lime taste, rather than just using limes, we will start with the flavour we want and then perhaps combine fruit from different regions or perhaps younger fruit to get that outcome.”

It’s this prioritising of flavour that makes their debut release, “Remedy Gin” so wonderful; that, and a label that is decidedly unique. The Remedy, is a bold and flavourful testament to the alpine region of Victoria where the distillery is based.

The first thing you notice is the spicy top note. As part of their ethos of experimentation and the creation of complete flavours, Hamish and Rachel used both the mountain pepperberry and the pepperberry leaf. Hamish explains,

“The berry itself, of course gives that familiar spicy taste. But the leaf is much more prominent with regards to the flavour. It gives these eucalyptus bush notes that are very bold and prominent, and that’s what I love about it.”

But this gin is no one trick pony. With the middle notes come lemon myrtle, lime and citrus notes which will lead you through to a clean finish.

As chefs, authentic flavours that represent the region were important to Hamish and Rachel. They worked hard to combine various ingredients – some sourced from other states – in order to offer an honest representation of alpine Australia.

“We wanted it to have a sense of where it’s from,” said Hamish. “The alpine region is rugged and beautiful; surrounded by harsh Australian bush. When you breathe in alpine air there is nothing else but the clean bold tastes of nature. In winter that means snow and frost, and in summer it’s the smells of the bush, cooking under the Australian sun. We can never duplicate that, but that’s what we were going for.”

The gin means what it says; there is no justification in the flavour or confusion in the palette. Hamish recommends combining The Remedy with some lemon thyme as a garnish.

“Lemon thyme is readily available and makes a perfect garnish because it won’t be dominated by the gin. Keep it simple and let the flavours do their work.”

The bold, diverse tastes will keep you coming back for more and the refreshing aftertaste will leave you happy at the end.

700ml Bottle Size. 44% Alc/Vol

Product of Reed & Co. Distillery