August – Four Pillars Navy Strength

Gin – Four Pillars Navy Strength

Distillery – Four Pillars Distillery

Description – Where do we start with Four Pillars Navy Strength, the list of medals would put Michael Phelps to shame:

Master Status
Global Gin Masters 2016 (2nd year running)

Gold Medal
Hong Kong IWSC 2014

Silver Medal
London IWSC 2015

Bronze Medal
San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2015

Four Pillars gin is built on ‘four pillars’, a great still, great botanicals, great local water and great love, attention and craft. We’re told there’s another more ‘colourful’ explanation the name, but we’ll focus on this one for now!

Four Pillars gins are distilled in Wilma (Four Pillars original copper still), or Jude a later edition 600L still. While the majority of the ‘dry’ botanicals are infused in the pot, the whole oranges which make Four Pillars gins unique, are placed in the botanical basket above the pot and are vapour infused.

Not only does this give the gin a lovely fragrance, but a fantastic by product of the process is the incredible marmalade made from these oranges after distillation!

While the Navy Strength bears small similarities to the rare dry on which it’s based, this is a bigger, beefier gin. Firstly and most obviously is the higher alcoholic content. At 58.8% this is around 17% higher than the rare dry. After some experimentation when developing the navy strength, Four Pillars chose to add fresh Byron Bay finger limes alongside the oranges in the botanical basket for distillation.

The finger limes highlight the Asian spices like coriander and star anise, and are complemented by the addition of fresh ginger. From a botanical sense, fresh turmeric is the final addition (over the rare dry) and adds a fresh but earthy quality.

The Navy Strength has lifted aromatics of lime curd, pine needles and fragrant spices, with a vanilla character which pulls these together. The palate is intense – sweet and juicy – but still very clean. The turmeric adds weight and earthiness to the palate with a quality not unlike dill or cucumber.

700ml Bottle Size. 58.8% Alc/Vol

Product of Yarra Valley, Vic