February ’17 – The Story Gin

Gin – The Story Gin

Description – February’s gin of the month comes with a slightly different story to those we typically ship from Gin Lane.

Rory Lane, the man behind it comes from a wine making background. He’s been producing his own wines through The Story Wines label since 2004. While he had no family connections to the wine industry (as many vintners do), the appeal of working outdoors, eating in good restaurants and drinking great wine was too good to pass up.

For Rory one of the appeals of winemaking came down to the mix of science and artistry/creativity. It allows him to exercise both of these in production and this also comes across in his approach to The Story Gin.

Entering a joint venture in a winery in Melbourne’s southern suburbs proved to be fortuitous for us gin lovers. Rory’s partners also happen to own Craft & Co an urban distillery also in Melbourne (more information on Craft & Co in the future).

The partnership has lead to Rory working with Craft & Co to produce this exceptional gin.

We asked Rory how much of his wine background played a part in the type of gin that he’s produced. Interestingly the answer came down less to flavours, produce and botanicals and more to process.

Like his wine, Rory wanted his gin to have a sense of place. In the same way wine is evocative of the region and climate the grapes are grown in, he wanted his gin to be evocative of Australia. In this respect he has sought out a number of interesting native botanicals to include.

Rory also likens the blending of botanical flavours to the way he blends Story Wines. Rory was looking for high tones and complexity of aromatics. He was happy as he put it to ‘sacrifice some bigger, heavier flavours for prettiness’.

The process of developing Story gin began on a small 2 litre still and took around 4 trial batches. After the 3rd batch, Rory was sure he had the right flavours, the 4th ensured the balance of these was just right.

The Story gin is a wonderfully complex gin and we’re pretty sure you’ll get something different out of it each time you try it.

We’ve already had great feedback from members who on one hand have found it very herbaceous, while on the other some have picked up strongly on it’s very floral notes.

For us, this is without doubt a very citrusy gin. While there are a number of Australian gins that could say the same, the difference with Story is the way this is tied together by some lovely herby, earthy notes. Rory tells us, this is driven by the inclusion of wattle seeds, as well as the juniper and mountain pepper berry.

At the floral end you’ll find the inclusion of different myrtles (lemon, cinnamon and aniseed) along with finger lime and Eucalypt Citriadoris.

How to drink it? We don’t disagree with Rory in making the gin the centre here. Try a G&T with 2 parts gin, 1 part tonic. A citrus garnish is the key, orange (blood orange if you can find it) really enhances those top notes.

We always find a wedge of orange can be a little overpowering, so perhaps just go for the peel and let the gin stay front and centre.

700ml Bottle Size. 42% Alc/Vol

Product of The Story Wine, Collingwood Vic