December ’21 – Three Cuts Distiller’s Release

Three Cuts Distiller’s Release is made from scratch in small batches in Tasmania. Carefully distilled from a premium grape base, pure Tasmanian water and a unique blend of Tasmanian grown and internationally sourced botanicals.

The name Three Cuts is derived from the three cuts of rose used in the distillation of the gin. This includes fresh locally grown roses from the Tamar Valley near Turner Stillhouse Distillery.

Layered notes of green cardamom, fresh lime and lemon, juniper (organic), coriander, a hint of white peppercorn and three cuts of rose make this gin ideal for creating your favourite cocktail or sipping slowly over ice.

Three Cuts Distiller’s Release 700ml Bottle Size. 42% Alc/Vol

Product of Turner Stillhouse, Tasmania Australia

2021 Australian Gin Awards Winner – Best in Show