December ’19 – Wolf Lane Tropical Gin

Tropical Gin – A really beautiful, bright and indeed tropical gin that undoubtedly has its place in the Australian gin market. When you first smell the tropical gin, we find it really pleasant to see this great mix of fresh citrus, alongside the juniper. Avoiding the use of peels and opting for fresh fruit gives it a different depth and more mellow warm citrus which we really appreciate.

On the palate, this is an eminently sippable gin. The macadamia gives nice mouthfeel, while carrying some of the other botanicals to a longer finish than they’d otherwise have. The citrus carries all the way through and the lemon myrtle has been used sparingly here, meaning the grapefruit, mango and myrtle combine in a beautifully balanced way

Tropical Gin 500ml Bottle Size. 42.5% Alc/Vol

Product of Wolf Lane Distillery, Cairns QLD, Australia