December ’18 – Gin 10 – Wild & Spicy

Gin 10 from Bass and Flinders Distillery

Gin 10 – Wild and Spicy is one of three gins that Bass & Flinders Distillery launched around the same time.

Immediately, and uniquely in our experience, all of B&F’s gins including the gin 10 heavily feature that grape based spirit that forms their basis. On the nose gin 10 is aromatic, with a hint of spice underpinned by a lovely sweetness from the grape spirit.

On the palate the wild and spicy has what the name suggests. Yes you’ll find that incredible flavour and texture from the shiraz grape spirit. We’ve selected gins before with grape bases, but B&F take this to a whole new level (see the story behind the distillery). Where other gins have a more neutral grape spirit, for B&F, the grape is part of the story. This is something between a fortified wine and a distilled spirit, so much of the wine carries through to the bottled gin.

You’ll also be hit with all of those fantastic spices. Your tongue will get that numbing sensation, which tells you the pepperberry is at play, while the rest of the spice lingers long after you’ve finished your tasting.

Mixing with tonic tones back some of that spice, but the grape incredibly remains throughout. Your choice of tonic here will make a big difference. Given the natural sweetness of the gin, we’d suggest a dryer tonic, rather than a sweeter one. Our garnish of choice to compliment the orange already found in the gin, is orange, but rather than a slice of orange, go for a twist from the skin.

Cocktails is where this gin really shines, especially where you cam control the level of sweetness to suit your taste. A negroni will be a perfect choice as you can dial up or down the Campari and vermouth to suit.

Naturally leading up to Christmas and the summer holidays though, we have a slight twist on the negroni, that will have you reaching for this gin all through the long summer afternoons.

Our cocktail of the month is a Christmas Negroni Punch:

1/2 cup Bass & Flinders Gin 10
1/2 cup vermouth
1/2 cup Campari
3 passionfruit, flesh scooped
125g punnet raspberries, mint to garnish
1 bottle champagne, chilled

Combine the vermouth, Campari and gin in a jar and chill until ready to use. When ready to serve divide passionfruit and raspberries between 6 glasses, top with some ice and divide Negroni premix or mix all the fruit, ice and the premix into a serving jug. Top with Champagne or sparkling and serve and garnish with mint

Gin 10 – Wild & Spicy Gin 700ml Bottle Size. 40% Alc/Vol

Product of Bass & Flinders Distillery, Mornington Peninsula, Australia