December ’17 – Never Never Distilling Southern Strength ‘Ginius’ Release

Gin – Never Never Distilling – Southern Strength ‘Ginius’ Release
Description – The Never Never Distilling Co is named for those parts of Australia that are difficult to get to or are only known through stories and rumour. It is a salute to the fearless, adventuring and pioneering spirit that saw ordinary men achieve extraordinary things during the early days of exploration in Australia. That attitude of fearless enterprise is what Never Never founders Sean, George and Tim aim to duplicate in reaching their goal of, “Being known as the most exciting distillery in Australia…for being fearless with flavour.”

Lofty, but not unrealistic when you see the care and consideration they put into their creations. Tim, the head distiller is given free rein to create gin that he, Sean and George will enjoy drinking.

Speaking of their most recent release, Sean said, “We just asked Tim to work with his favourite botanical combinations to date.”

This freedom means that botanicals are selected with a particular pallet in mind. Tastes can be prioritised over perceptions, and the resulting flavours don’t adhere to any rules or concepts. This bold yet simple ethos is unique in an industry where instinct and personal preference are often replaced by competitor analysis, and the art of creation is far too often sacrificed in favour of duplication.

This Southern Strength is made the same way NND make their other variations, by elevating key botanicals to enhance the overall character of the gin. It contains 9 botanicals in total with juniper being at the forefront. These botanicals include juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, orris root, liquorice root, lemon, lime, cinnamon and Tasmanian pepperberry. In this instance, it most resembles Batch 2  (Tim’s favourite release to date) that had an elevation in root character. In DGL1 however, they have increased the botanical weight of the Angelica Root and the Orris Root. This has a considerable impact on lifting the savoury character of the Southern Strength Gin and adds a rich and powerful mouthfeel. This gins 54% abv creates considerable length where the root character is complimented by a warming wooded spice, courtesy of the pepperberry and cinnamon. This gin is perfect served with quality tonic water garnished with mint and lime or for the perfect summer gin cocktail, a classic Southside. Nose: Intensely aromatic, floral orris and pine mingle with fresh lemon zest and pungent pepper. Palate: Bold juniper and citrus up front leading into a rich and root driven middle palate. Still very oily and viscous thanks to the considerable steeped juniper content and elevated orris character. Finish: Extremely long as the higher alcohol percentage carries the fuller flavour.  An extended sweetness can be attributed to the heavy use of juniper and liquorice. Pepperberry spice develops very late in the form of a light menthol character.”

500ml Bottle Size. 54% Alc/Vol
Product of Never Never Distilling Co.