Loch Small Batch Gin – How to Drink?

Loch Small Batch Gin – How to Drink?
January 29, 2016 Gin Lane

Craig and Mel recommend you serve Loch gin chilled and neat (feel free to add a slice of lemon if you like). It’s not the way most of us drink gin but we’ve particularly noted that distillers who also produce whisky are driven to produce gin that is soft enough on the palette to be enjoyed the same way.

Our recommendation is to always try each gin we ship neat to begin with. This helps begin to understand the differences in taste, texture and ‘nose’ that makes each gin unique.

So what’s Loch like? Well, if you tend to gravitate towards brands like Tanqueray or Plymouth (perhaps because Hendricks is too floral) then you’ll really appreciate Loch.

Unlike many Australian gins Craig and Mel have endeavoured to create a gin less focused on Australian botanicals and more ‘traditional’ in the London Dry mold.

Loch has a lovely pine and citrus nose. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of wandering through a pine forest you’ll understand what we mean! You may also find a bit of curry leaf, white pepper and of course juniper.

As you drink Loch, you’ll clearly feel the whisky experience here. This is a fantastic gin to drink neat, nicely balanced with a smoothness that you won’t always find in gin. We’d say it’s almost creamy.

On the palette you may find subtle pepper, pine, cloves and peppermint.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to let us know your tasting experience also!



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