Kalki Moon Classic Gin – How to Drink?

Kalki Moon Classic Gin – How to Drink?
February 27, 2018 Gin Lane

The Kalki Moon Classic is a London Dry gin, with an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 37%.  Classic is a great choice to welcome new gin drinkers to Australian gins due to its flavoursome taste and smoothness.

Regular Australian gin enthusiasts will attest to the fact Australian gins tend to be big and complex, suitable for sipping and often treasured due to the rarity and value. It can be harder to find a lighter, everyday gin for simple enjoyment and value.

With this in mind, Rick has chosen juniper, coriander, cardamom, lemon myrtle and angelica root to create an approachable classic London Dry gin. In the bespoke pot still, the maceration takes place for 12-16 hours with a grain based neutral spirit, resulting in a smooth, pure expression that has all the hallmarks of the modern Australian gin.

With its slightly lower ABV than typical gins, Kalki Classic marks a nice contrast between easy drinking and value, typically only found in big brand imported gins.

Kalki Classic is perfect in a delicious refreshing beverage such as the Gin Gin Mule (think ice cold ginger beer, loads of ice, Kalki Classic and a fresh mint garnish), a gin and tonic, and the many gin based cocktails.

For the more adventurous, Rick has developed the award winning Kalki Premium London Dry gin with ten botanicals, gin liqueurs, and the exclusive Solstice barrel aged gin to be released in March, not to mention the rum patiently aging for release in 2019.

Palate Smooth,easy, dry

Finish pleasant lingering, nothing lengthy

Gin Lane footnote:

Following two monthly deliveries of a pair of the ‘biggest’ gins available in Australia (Remedy and Never Never Southern Strength), we felt it was time to explore the lighter side of the market. Summer is the perfect chance to kick back with a tall refreshing gin drink and Kalki Classic is the perfect choice for this.


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