How to Drink Wildflower Gin

How to Drink Wildflower Gin
June 4, 2020 Gin Lane

We’ve said this with a few previous releases and must do again here… could we take a moment as we’re twisting the cork off this bottle, to appreciate how beautiful it is?

From the weighted base, the tapered shape, the ‘cigar’ style label finished with handwritten batch and bottle numbers, to the printed white botanicals and logo, this is one lovingly presented gin. On a side note the design was painstakingly produced for Wildflower by a local designer and typography artist Matt Vergotis (@mattvergotis).

Fortunately, as you’ll soon savour, the goods inside match the outside. On the nose is a pleasant citrus, balanced with light juniper finished with floral notes from the honey.

As you sip the gin, you’ll find the same reflected in a modern, easy drinking gin. Citrus from the lemon peel and myrtle is underpinned with some classic gin botanicals. Juniper, coriander and cassia are all in the mix and complemented by a dash of honey from James’ own beehives.

With a busy bunch of bees flitting around the backyards of the Gold Coast, James says it’s like they’ve ‘stolen a little of everyone’s backyards’ to make their gin.

The gin is smooth and while it doesn’t have a lengthy finish, it’s just about right for the gin they set out to create, with a hint of spice to finish.

As a modern contemporary gin, the signature gin will be versatile for your taste and how you prefer to drink it. We think a dehydrated orange slice, or orange peel in a gin and tonic will complement the honey botanical very well. If you want to experiment more broadly, a light touch is good here, as some of the lighter notes could easily be overpowered.

Our cocktail recommendation from the team at Wildflower is ‘A Wild Gimlet.’

However you choose to drink this, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it greatly and look forward to pics of your creations, don’t forget to tag us @downginlane!

Cocktail suggestion:

Wild Gimlet
1.5 shots of Wildflower Signature Gin
1 Shot of St Germain
1 Shot of Lime Juice
1 Slice of lime
Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour in the gin, st Germain and lime juice. Fasten the lid, shake like crazy for 30 seconds, strain the cocktail into a martini glass and enjoy with a garnish of lime.


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