How to Drink The Company You Keep Gin

How to Drink The Company You Keep Gin
March 2, 2021 Gin Lane

What makes a truly great gin and what’s the secret to enjoying it? It’s something we’ve asked ourselves many times over the years. Selecting a gin for our members each month makes it a necessity!

For Alex Hardie and Philip Crossley of Mobius Distilling Co, the answer is clear. Great tasting gin stems from its true origins with a recipe based on the traditional juniper led London dry style.

“I wanted The Company You Keep to be a gin that people could rely on as a constant. That’s why we’ve stuck to traditional flavours and not done anything extreme”, says Phil. “Perhaps it even goes a bit beyond traditional in that I’ve upped the concentration of juniper and dialled back on the coriander. But I’ve also kept some liquorice and angelica and added the native botanical pepperberry to give it a spicy backbone.”

There’s also a little trick Phil’s borrowed from the French perfumeries.

“Smell really accentuates taste so I’ve used lavender to add a layer of complexity and enhance the flavour profile of the gin,” says Phil.

As well as adding flavour to enhance the enjoyment of their product, the guys at Mobius believe that the company you keep also plays an important role.

“There’s not much point making a really good gin without being able to enjoy and share it with the people that matter,” says Alex. “For us it’s about taking time out to have more of those moments with family and friends that really celebrate life.”

But how did they know they had it right?

“We tested out the recipe with friends,” says Phil. “We invited a handful or friends over to the distillery for the day to sit, eat and savour what we’d produced. The gin we made on that day went on to form the basis of The Company You Keep.”

With a 40% ABV, The Company You Keep’s solid juniper flavour, combined with smooth mouthfeel and nose, is a gin you’ll come back to again and again. Like the mark of any good spirit, it’s one that can be enjoyed straight.

“A lot of tonics on the market overpower with their sweetness or botanicals,” says Phil. “I’d always recommend you start by drinking something straight so that you get a good sense of the pure flavour profile of the spirit.”

If it must be mixed, Alex and Phil have provided us with some great recipes below. They also suggest using a good quality Australian sparkling water such as CAPI to help bring out the flavour.


The Company You Keep’s simple signature recipe allows its gin to shine through and the bonus is there’s barely a calorie in sight!

50ml TCYK Sydney Dry Gin

100ml sparkling water (we prefer Capi)

Mix ice, gin, and sparkling water in a tumbler and garnish with a wedge of orange 


62.5ml TCYK Sydney Dry Gin

12.5ml dry Australian vermouth (MaideniiRegal Rogue or Saison)

Chill a wine or martini glass, stir vermouth over ice and strain depending how moist you want it (we prefer it dry). Add gin then strain and garnish with a pickle


This one’s refreshing as hell – perfect for a long summer’s day

50ml TCYK Sydney Dry Gin

100ml juice (we prefer apple)

Mix ice, gin, and juice in a tumbler and garnish with lime


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