How to Drink Nosferatu Gin

How to Drink Nosferatu Gin
November 7, 2019 Gin Lane

“Nosferatu Blood Orange Gin is lovingly distilled, under the cloak of darkness, in ‘The Schreck’, a coffin-shaped pot still in a dusty old South Melbourne cellar.”

Yeah ok, not so much, but it’s a pretty evocative thought all the same!

Nosferatu does have that incredibly distinct colour that visually matches the blood orange backbone to this gin. It’s wonderfully citrusy on the nose thanks to the blood orange peel and navel oranges.

Possibly the thing that surprised us the most with Nosferatu was the rich, creaminess as you take your first sip. This isn’t just a light, summery gin, it’s full of flavour and packs a very enjoyable punch.

In addition to the orange, it includes Albanian juniper berries, roasted fenugreek, coriander seeds, cardamom seeds, wormwood and angelica root. The roast Fenugreek as far as we, and Nosferatu, are aware is a gin first. While it’s typically used as an ingredient in Indian cooking, toasting the Fenugreek before distillation adds a superb spicy, vanilla taste. Nosferatu finishes with a long, warm spice finish and just a hint of pleasant bitterness.

Enjoying this one is going to pretty easy. If you like a sipping gin, you’ll love it’s flavour and creamy texture.

If you’re after a g&t as we hit summer, fill a large glass with ice, add a generous nip of Nosferatu Blood Orange Gin, top up with a quality tonic and finish off with a sliver of blood orange.

Finally if that rich rust colour brings out the mixologist in you, try our cocktail suggestion below, courtesy of Pig ‘n Whistle, Brisbane. Any way you choose to have it, enjoy!



30ml Nosferatu Blood Orange Gin.
20ml cointreau
20ml apple juice
20ml pineapple juice
Fresh lime & mint

Dry shake all ingredients in a cocktail tin. Add ice and shake hard. Pour into a frozen coupette or cocktail glass. Garnish with fresh chilli.


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