How to Drink North of Eden Classic Gin

How to Drink North of Eden Classic Gin
February 1, 2020 Gin Lane

The Classic gin from North of Eden (Stoney Creek Farm Distillery), is a ‘classic’ in every sense of the word.

Made using a style of still, called an alembic still, there’s none of the fancy buttons, measures or automation that you’ll find on many modern stills.

Alembic stills were first developed over 1000 years ago and their Arab origin is reflected in the origin of the name ‘al ambic.’ This is also where the word alcohol (al-kuhul or al-kohl) originates.

As with these ancient stills, Stoney Creek’s slightly more modern design (about 500 years old) is direct fired. This is pretty rare in modern distilling and over the 14+ hour distillation process requires constant monitoring by Gavin every step of the way.

Distilling on a full copper still gives the maximum interaction of the spirit with copper. This maximises the stripping out of sulphur and other impurities, giving a cleaner, smoother spirit. We’re sure you’ll notice this in the Classic gin, especially if you take the opportunity to enjoy it neat or on ice.

The other way this gin is a classic, is in its style and botanical profile. Gavin very much set out to create a London dry style of gin here. This means it has more in common with dry gins from the UK over the last 50 years, than many contemporary Australian gins we select at Gin Lane.

When you smell the Classic gin, there’s plenty of juniper and citrus. It’s incredibly bold and fresh before you even get to sipping it.

Once you do you’ll appreciate that oiliness and smoothness that means this goes down very well. Stoney Creek make use of Australian finger lime for citrus, which adds a different level of complexity and interest.

Our recommendation here is to treat yourself to a classic and as Gavin describes it ‘quaffable’ gin and tonic. This will be incredibly versatile for your favourite garnish, consider lime, or better yet finger lime if you can lay your hands on some. It’s robust enough to be enjoyed in a variety of tonics, our preference here would be to go for a standard tonic, rather than a dry or light one.

If you like it to be more savoury, grab a fresh sprig of rosemary for your garnish.

Our cocktail recommendation here is going to be super drink on warm summer days.

The G&Tea

30ml of Classic Gin

60ml of French Earl Grey Tea

1 thin slice of lemon


Serve over ice.


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