How to Drink Noosa Gin

How to Drink Noosa Gin
February 8, 2022 Gin Lane

There’s a couple other gins Noosa gin reminded us of, in a very good way. Completely different flavours involved, but featuring the same care, balance and complexity in their creation.

It’s not always something you associate with gins in a ‘summer’ style, but Poor Toms, Wolf Lane and now Noosa gin for us are super examples.

In Noosa’s case the botanical mix includes juniper – Queensland sugarcane – coriander seeds – hibiscus petals – cassia bark – green mango and valencia orange. It’s safe to assume, like us, you may have seen orange on that list and expect a big citrussy orange gin. It’s absolutely there and big feature of the gin, but held well in check allowing the other botanicals to play a significant part.

On the nose, there’s plenty of orange, but balanced by earthiness from the hibiscus, juniper and coriander.

The palate has a lovely sweetness, creamy texture and balance of tart green mango, citrus and spice.

To finish, it’s tart and peppery through a surprisingly long finish. The orange is muted at the end, leaving you a sense of a far more complex gin than you might first think. It also leaves you wanting more immediately, with greater complexity developing each time you dip your glass for another sip!

Ideal Serve

You’re going to want to play to this gin’s sunny coast strengths for the ideal serve. If you’re able to locate some green mango, we highly recommend it. Add some orange (valencia ideally) and top with Strangelove’s light tonic water.

Best enjoyed on long sunny afternoons, you may need to wait for this one, but it’s the perfect way to enjoy it.

Cocktail suggestion – The Big Pineapple (Pina Colada)


45 ml Noosa Gin
15 ml Cointreau
30 ml Pineapple Juice
15 ml Lime
15 ml Sugar Syrup
20 ml Coconut Cream

Place all ingredients in a shaker with ice, ass a lil’ wiggle and a jiggle and double strain.

Serve over fresh ice and garnish with a pineapple slice and life if ya feeling fancy; best drunk through a sugarcane straw.


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