How to Drink Neo Gin

How to Drink Neo Gin
April 11, 2022 Gin Lane

You may be thinking with the recently released Matrix sequel that Rachel and Hamish named NEO gin after Keanu Reeves’ famous character. In fact the story is somewhat more convoluted. Back in 2019 Reed & Co. released the first distillation of this gin under their Spirit Lab label and called in NE 07. NE represented their location in N.E. Victoria and 07 came from the 7 botanicals featured in the recipe.

The way the name sat on the bottle had customers calling it Neo, so the team ran with it and rebranded it NEO for it’s next release. Neo means new and this is very much a new world gin, so the name is fitting.

Being the perfectionist he is, Hamish has experimented with, refined and ultimately perfected his recipe for Neo over a couple of years. You’re able to enjoy the fruits of that perfectionism with our latest gin of the month as NEO recently joined Reed & Co.’s core line up.

The flavours are unashamedly japanese inspired as you’ll know from our previous article on Reed & Co. As the product of highly accomplished chefs you might expect the flavours to be interesting, possibly bold, balanced and delicious.

NEO is all of those things and more. It’s a blend of bold citrus courtesy of the lovely yuzu, floral juniper and herbaceous green tea notes. At 44% ABV we’re happy to say NEO is going to stand up in a variety of drinks you could choose to enjoy it in. For us you can either complement the yuzu with it’s unique citrus style – somewhere between lemon, lime and orange mandarin. Alternatively you could complement those herbaceous green tea notes and pair it with basil, or strawberry, maybe even both?!

With Autumn upon us, we’re beginning to think about some cooler weather flavours. That means while we’re keen on some good ole g&t’s on warmer days, we’re going to be switching out the tonic for spicy ginger beer and the basil strawberry garnishes for a orange wheel slice.

Once we hit winter, NEO certainly won’t be gathering dust on the bar. We’ll be whipping up a gin sour or two and most likely a martini or three!


60ml NEO Gin

Top up with Fevertree Mediterranean tonic water on ice.

Garnish with fresh basil or strawberry (or both)

NEO Gin & Ginger Beer

60ml NEO Gin
Top up with Capi Spicy Ginger Beer on ice
Garnish with an orange wheel slice


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