How to Drink Diviners Apparition Gin

How to Drink Diviners Apparition Gin
December 1, 2020 Gin Lane

Launching earlier this year, Diviners Distillery at Bent Road Winery in Queensland’s Granite Belt region, has produced two gins – Apparition and Outlier.

This month we’re featuring what Diviners call their old-school flavour profile, Apparition.

With its woody, juniper-forward flavour, Apparition is the more traditional of the gins, with organic juniper imported from Macedonia. It shares a common base with its younger sibling that includes juniper, orris root, cassia bark, macadamia, coriander, angelica, lemon citrus, and native botanicals of finger lime and pepper berry, Apparition varies because of its individual accents of lime peel, wormwood, native wattle seed, and whole fresh oranges.

“The most important thing for me when making Apparition is that it captures that nice expression of juniper with all its round sweetness, and that it has a great mouth feel that slides easily down the back of your throat,” says Diviners’ distiller, Andrew Scott. “The macadamia really gives it that subtle round viscosity, polishing off the hard edge, and the native wattle seed gives big, toasty flavour too.”

Andrew says extra sweetness is added with whole fresh oranges, which – when combined with the native wattle seed – gives an orange poppy seed cake effect – delicious! And keeping with the old-school theme, in a historical nod to Absinthe, Andrew adds wormwood which he says gives a savoury, moreish bitterness.

Using a pharmaceutical piece of distilling equipment of German design called a rotavap, Diviners’ uses a cold distilling method known for preserving flavours and creating a clean tasting spirit. Adding layers to the base through separate distilling runs of spice and citrus, Andrew says he finishes with one final run of juniper, which he heats to an almost traditional distilling temperature of 70 degrees to give that extra hit of juniper.

With its 40% ABV and traditional flavours, classic gin lovers will appreciate Apparition in a martini, negroni or even sipped straight over ice. It can also work in a G&T – however Andrew says Outlier is more suited to tonic.

Try these classic cocktails to appreciate the flavours of Apparition.

Apparition Martini 


60ml Diviners Apparition gin

1tbsp dry vermouth

olive or lemon peel to garnish


Stir the gin, dry vermouth and some ice together or put into a cocktail shaker to combine.

Strain mixture into a chilled martini glass and service with an olive or a twist of lemon peel.


Apparition Negroni


25ml Diviners Apparition gin

25ml sweet vermouth

25ml campari


Slice of orange to garnish 


Pour gin, vermouth and Campari into a mixing glass with ice and stir well. Strain into a tumbler, add fresh ice and garnish with a slice of fresh orange.


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