How to Drink Brogan’s Way Evening Light Gin

How to Drink Brogan’s Way Evening Light Gin
November 1, 2020 Gin Lane

It’s hard to believe that Brogan Carr was only 21 years old when she first started developing award-winning gin. It was part of her research for a masters project while studying distilling at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh. “The aim of my project was to create new Australian gins from concept to market acceptance using traditional and native Australian botanicals, using chemical and sensory analysis,” Brogan tells us.

She goes on to say she was inspired to create the second signature gin from Brogan’s Way, for her friends who refused to drink gin at the time. “I designed Evening Light for the person who doesn’t know they like gin yet,” Brogan admits. While here at Gin Lane, we aren’t in any danger of falling into that category, Evening Light has captured our attention for good reason.

As a new-age Australian gin with unique botanicals of mango, raspberry, white grapefruit, strawberry gum and river mint, on the palate we find it fresh, fruity, crisp and easy to drink. And with the addition of cassia and essential juniper that gives soft warmth and liveliness, we agree with Brogan’s description of it as ‘a gin that tastes the way that a party feels’.

Evening Light tastes and feels exceptionally light for a gin with a 42% ABV. But that’s exactly what Brogan intended and is testament to her skill as a distiller. With its sweet and fruity flavour, we think this smooth-drinking gin is perfect to have to hand for BBQs and casual gatherings, especially during the warmer months.

So, what’s the perfect way to enjoy this gin? Simon and Brogan have the following suggestions.

For lovers of a G&T, Evening Light is perfect over ice, preferably with some Strangelove or CAPI tonic and a wedge of orange.

It also goes great with soda. “Most people who think they don’t like gin, actually really do. What they don’t like is the tonic,” Simon tells us. So, if tonic isn’t your thing, Simon recommends serving Evening Light in a big glass of soda with lots of ice and a few wedges of orange.

Evening Light G&T

30ml Brogan’s Way Evening Light Gin

90mL Capi Native Tonic

Garnish with a wedge of fresh orange

In a Tom Collins glass, add liquids, top with ice, then garnish with orange and serve.


Evening Light Gin & Soda

30mL of Evening Light Gin

90mL of Soda water

And for the cocktail drinkers, Simon suggests Evening Light in a Southside, which he describes as being ‘dangerously drinkable’!



60mL Evening Light Gin

20mL Lime juice,

10mL Sugar syrup

8 mint leaves

Shake all ingredients well in a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice. Double strain into a coupe glass and garnish with a mint sprig or a twist of lime.

And last but not least, a little Evening Light is enough to make this lady shine, ending up ‘one pretty little cocktail’.


White Lady

40mL Evening Light Gin

20mL Curaçao

15mL Lemon juice,

Egg white

Shake all ingredients well in a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice, strain out the ice and dry shake (without ice) once more. Double strain into an old-fashioned tumbler or cocktail glass.


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