How to Drink Boatrocker Original Gin

How to Drink Boatrocker Original Gin
August 1, 2020 Gin Lane

How to Drink Original Gin

The Original Gin from Boatrocker was our pick, from an accomplished core range of gins, for a very obvious choice.

It’s the most juniper forward, rounded and versatile gin in the range, although that shouldn’t hinder you from checking out the Jungle and Raspberry. This just happens to grab us in a way that we’ll be more likely to open it time and again.

Joe explained that when he arrived with Boatrocker the range didn’t feature a juniper forward offering and this was one his first personal projects. A healthy extra dose of juniper in the Original Gin, rounds this one out for us nicely.

The botanical mix is largely a classic one, always a good sign, with a couple interesting tweaks. It features juniper, coriander, orris, angelica, green cardamom, lavender, almonds, pink grapefruit and lemon.

The nose is full of juniper with supporting citrus and floral notes from the lavender. An interesting fact on the lavender; this is a specific type of lavender Joel discovered some years back and hadn’t featured in any gins that he could find. He’s brought it with him through different products and considers it a small ‘signature’ of his for a gin recipe.

As you taste the gin, you’ll again enjoy the juniper and citrus, while some grassy aromatic notes from the cardamom support the flavour profile. The finish is nice and long, pleasantly sweet, citrusy and spicy.

If you know what almond brings to a gin in mouthfeel and texture, you’ll identify its place here immediately. Boatrocker Original Gin is smooth and creamy textured, making it a perfect sipping gin, or classic martini.

As a garnish it’s no surprise that a healthy wedge of grapefruit in your g&t will work perfectly here.

Our cocktail suggestion for you comes straight out of the distillery’s own cocktail list, their OG Fizz. The recipe is below and we hope you enjoy this one however you choose to mix it up!

OG Fizz
50ml Boatrocker Original Gin
10ml Almond Milk
1 Egg White – or 30ml of aquafaba for a vegan, egg free alternative
30ml Grapefruit Juice
20ml Sugar Syrup
Strangelove Bitter Lemon Tonic

Add all ingredients to cocktail tin
Dry shake with no ice to emulsify
Add ice to tin and shake hard
Double strain into tall rocks glass filled with cracked ice
Top with Strangelove Bitter Lemon
Garnish with sprig of rosemary


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