How to Drink Autumn Dry Gin

How to Drink Autumn Dry Gin
October 1, 2019 Gin Lane

Having Kylie take us through her work on the Autumn dry in depth, we came away buzzing from her obvious passion for this product.

She had a firm idea that she wanted to create not only something she would love to drink…but also something that had a unique place amongst the many gins available. We think she succeeded, we really don’t think there’s another gin like this that we’ve come across and that’s a great thing.

Let’s start with the obvious, the fact this gin is bottled at 48%. Kylie tells us that they sampled the gin at everything in between 42-50%. 48% is simply where the gin is at its best. It’s punchy, it’s full of botanicals and it’s unfiltered retaining it’s oiliness and viscosity which we love.

Smelling the gin before drinking is a real delight. It’s like taking a bushwalk thanks to the native sage, lemon myrtle, kaffir lime, juniper and citrus. It’s a lovely balance of sweet and savoury. The complexity makes it really fun to explore.

Tasting is another complex experience. The first thing you’ll notice is how easy a sipping gin this is, especially at 48%. Up front is the sage giving savoury eucalypt with the ruby grapefruit peel balancing this with some soft sweetness. Our favourite pepperberry is there to add warming spice and viscosity to the mouthfeel, coating your tongue 

Lastly you’ll be left with this long, long finish thanks to the native sugarbag bee honey. Indigenous Australians have been harvesting this honey for thousands of years and it’s a super blend of native Australia with our favourite tipple. The honey itself is citrusy and intense and Kylie explains it can differ widely depending on where the bees have been foraging.

If you like to enjoy your gin neat, you’ll love this one. Kylie created it for sipping and it shows. It’s full of complex flavour, with a long finish and a large cube of ice is going to do nothing to dilute those flavours. In addition that long, soft finish thanks to the native honey, is well worth experiencing again and again.

If it’s a mixer for you, then our serve suggestion for this one is a little different and will give you a chance to rest the tonic water this month. Find yourself a quality, spicy ginger beer…we find Capi’s Flaming Ginger Beer works well and serve yourself up a take on a Moscow Mule. By all means add a quarter of lime, some mint and some grapefruit bitters to round it out…but if it’s just a tall gin and ginger beer on ice, you won’t be disappointed.

This is where the 48%, the savoury notes and the honey really come into play. You’ll still enjoy these flavours carrying through and complementing the ginger beer mixer. Typically we’d only recommend using a navy strength with ginger beer, but this is one of our few exceptions, enjoy!


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