How long does a standard bottle of gin last?

How long does a standard bottle of gin last?
April 4, 2016 Gin Lane

Ok, so we know most gin doesn’t go off (Gin Doesn’t Go Off), so there is no hurry to drink your gin in time for the next Gin Lane delivery.

However, if you do wish to plan your drinking needs, here’s our easy guide to how long your gin will last before you need another bottle.

Step 1 – ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is drinking the gin?
  • How am I drinking the gin?
  • How often are we drinking the gin?

Got your answers? Here’s the facts!

  1. Standard gin bottles are 700ml
  2. The average bar serving is 25ml for a G&T or 50ml for a cocktail. Your average pour at home is likely to be a little more. Let’s be kind and say 35ml for a G&T…

That means you’ll get 20 G&Ts per month, or 10 gin cocktails. Maths not your strongest subject well here are a few stories from our members…

“My partner and I drink gin twice a week. On one night we might have only two G&Ts each and another night a single cocktail. Every week that’s at least 200ml of gin and over a month that’s more than a bottle. If you add in the fact we have friends and family over at least once per month, we are well into a second bottle.” 

“We are a small business of 20 people and we have drinks every Friday. The gin is gone in week 2!”

“I don’t drink gin frequently, perhaps one G&T a week. I do a large one but I find that my gin is half empty after the month. I don’t mind as I want to build up a good stock of various gins. I sometimes have friends over, so that speeds up the process”.

You’d be surprised how quickly a bottle of gin can be consumed and you don’t need to become an alcoholic. In fact we thoroughly disapprove of binge drinking!


  1. Cass 4 years ago

    Per bottle, I could say mine lasts a whole month, but the truth is that it lasts three days when I take it to our monthly weekend house party in Canberra and share it between 6 of us 😀

    • Author
      Gin Lane 4 years ago

      What are friends for right? We feel this is the type of maths question they should have given us at school!

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