How do we find the best gin for you?

How do we find the best gin for you?
November 5, 2015 Gin Lane

The idea for Gin Lane was formulated over a good old Aussie BBQ. We both loved gin and had seen the growth of awesome local craft distillers (makers of spirits). We’d tasted a few and felt they were better than the ‘premium’ brands from overseas; almost exclusively mass produced for export.

We also found that our friends and family, especially those that considered themselves knowledgeable about gin had never heard of any Australian gins!

We set out to change this.

How do we find the best gin for our members?

  1. First, we research the market, seeing what’s for sale, scoure blogs, reviews and more.
  2. We then get in touch with the distiller and arrange a visit. What’s nice about this part is almost all the gins we are looking at are boutique, which means we’re dealing directly with the owners, the ones that care deeply about their craft. We love our visits to the distilleries, we learn something new every time.
  3. Finally, we taste the gin the way the distiller thinks it should be served. It brings the best out of their gin and we’ll pass this information onto you, our members.

We don’t want you trying the same old stuff unless it’s the best. That’s why we’ll be introducing you to gins made with different botanicals, especially ones local to Australia.

Lots of factors go into our choices, but we find ourselves drawn to the distillers that demonstrate a deep love for their craft and have spent a lot of time getting it right.

We hope you agree we’ve chosen well.


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