How to Drink HLAYK Wild Rose Gin

How to Drink HLAYK Wild Rose Gin
April 4, 2018 Gin Lane

HLAYK Wild Rose gin is a surprisingly complex gin as intended by Liz the distiller. The goal was to create a uniquely ‘Melbourne’ gin, a city described as having 4 seasons in one day. Liz set out to create a gin with 4 seasons in one mouthful.

How did HLAYK achieve this? Wild rose and rose hip give the gin its spring season, citrus for summer, wattle seed for autumn and various spices for winter.

Don’t be fooled by the Wild Rose name, though this does add one of the ‘seasons’ in this lovely gin. When you smell this gin for the first time it has some lovely earthy savoury tones, layered with citrus and a hint of juniper. Call us crazy but there’s more than a hint of maltiness to this one on the nose. It’s slightly reminiscent of new whisky, a real surprise in this gin.

As you drink it for the first time you’ll get even more complexity, from a peppery spiciness to the citrus and hints of the rose and strawberry gum. If you want to see how to gins that use strawberry gum leaf differ, compare this to your Poor Toms gin (if you have any left!).

The finish is long and smooth with this gin and for us the pepper remains all the way through.

Liz explained that she initially wanted to avoid using a fairly ubiquitous botanical like Lemon Myrtle. She was however having trouble bringing the delicate rose forward more in this gin.

Coming from a chefs background came in handy here and, with some pushing from her son, they added lemon myrtle to the mix and sure enough it brought those wonderful rose flavours out. Apparently lemon myrtle in gin, acts somewhat the way salt will in food and help enhance the flavours, as well as bringing its own citrus notes in.

We can tell you in the 2.5 years, we’ve been speaking with Australian distilleries, this was a new piece of information and an interesting one to consider.

For a great gin and tonic try the wild rose gin with Fever Tree’s elderflower tonic water and use some lemon thyme for the garnish.

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