• Choose Your Gift

    Gin Lane gift memberships are available for 3, 6 or 12 months.

    Choose how long you’d like to gift a membership for, gift memberships can be extended at any time via email.

  • Personalise Your Gift

    Tell us what message you’d like us to include in the first box your gift recipient receives from us.

    We’ll print this and include it in their first monthly gin delivery.

  • We Send Your Gift

    All memberships begin on the nearest monthly cycle to your gift purchase.

    Memberships cut off on the 25th of each month, with gins shipped in the first week of the following month. Alternative start dates can be arranged with us directly.


  • 3 Month Membership - $255

    A little taster of what Gin Lane has to offer.

  • 6 Month Membership - $500

    You’re a great friend, this is our most popular gift option.

  • 12 Month Membership - $1000

    We’re going to assume you’re lifelong friends, partners or gin buddies. You’re the most special kind of friend and your ‘giftee’ better be sharing their deliveries with you!



Gin Enthusiasts love our gin and now your friends can too!

  • I love my Gin Lane Subscription. For me, making a nice drink is a ritual. A way for me to wind down and relax. Using craft gin and supporting local distilleries makes it an even more enriching experience. Knowing that each month a new bottle that has been carefully selected will arrive is so exciting. Then add in the email full of information about the gin, tasting notes, and drinking ideas. It is just perfect.
  • The moment I heard about Down Gin Lane subscription service, I signed up right away, and I have never been disappointed by the level of service and professionalism. Paul & Lindsay trek from one side of this country to the other looking for the best and most interesting offerings for their members, and each month has been a wonderful surprise and delight. My subscription is honestly the best Christmas present I have ever given myself!
  • I turn to specialists all the time in life, if I need help with my tax, I go to an accountant. Need help with fitness training, turn to a personal trainer. When I moved here from overseas, I wanted to understand the Australian gin scene better. I was introduced to the specialists at Gin Lane and couldn't be happier with the curated service they deliver to my home each month.
  • I’ve been with Gin Lane since they launched last year. In that time I’ve been introduced to some amazing Australian gins, which I wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

    The value and ease Gin Lane provide is great. I didn’t sign up expecting expecting to receive a bargain on gin. I signed up to be introduced to quality products first and foremost. That said in the last year, I’ve enjoyed gins that would retail for far more than the $79 membership to Gin’s the icing on the cake for me.


  • q-iconWhen will they receive their first gin?

    Gifted memberships begin on the first monthly cycle after purchase.

    Our monthly cut off is on the 25th, so ensure your purchase is made before then to speed delivery of the first gin.

  • q-iconCan you include a message from me with their gift?

    Absolutely! There’s a field on checkout for you to include a personalised message which will be included in the first delivery.

    If you’d like anything more bespoke feel free to email us to discuss.

  • q-iconWhat if I want to extend the membership once it’s started?

    You’re welcome to contact us at any time to extend a gifted membership.

    This can be extended by 3, 6 or 12 months. Alternatively your recipient can move to one of our standard monthly membership options once their gift has expired.

  • q-icon What will my giftee receive with a Gin Lane gift membership?

    Each month they will receive a bottle of quality craft Australian gin.

    Monthly shipments may include additional gifts from us or our partners, or they may be several smaller bottles from the same distillery.

    If you’d like to see what we’ve shipped in previous months, you can visit ‘Our Gins’ page.

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