Forty Spotted Winter Release – How to Drink?

Forty Spotted Winter Release – How to Drink?
August 1, 2016 Gin Lane

When you first unpack your Forty Spotted, take a second to appreciate that lovely rich pink colour. This is a new one for Gin Lane being a barrel aged gin. The 90 or so days this spends in ex port French oak casks is where this gorgeous colour comes from.

The first thing you’ll notice here when you smell this gin, is there’s much less of the usual juniper notes you would be used to finding. While it’s there, the barrel ageing process tones it down and blends it in with the other 19 botanicals…yes 19!

The distillery aren’t giving too much away as to what these are, but there is one that they’re happy to mention. The Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berry is definitely front and centre here and is a feature of Forty Spotted’s gins. We love the texture, spiciness and sweetness it lends to the winter release.

Definitely sit on this one and sip it for a while. Personally we haven’t come across a gin of this silky texture since Loch way back at the beginning of the year. The similarity ends there however. If you wish to use a mixer, we recommend you start with the fantastic dry tonic Capi has kindly provided for each of you this month. Finish it off with a sprig of rosemary and a lemon slice (thin) for maximum enjoyment.

Ready to experiment a little further? Why not check out one or both of the fantastic cocktails developed for you by Alex at The Exchange Hotel in Sydney…as always we may have had a little input!


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