• Can I pause or cancel my membership?

    Pausing or cancelling your membership may be done at any time after your first month.

    We’re simply here to introduce you to great gin, not lock you into stressful contracts. If your bottle is arriving a little bit faster than you can drink it, feel free to hit pause at any time. This will only skip your next month’s delivery and we must receive this before the 25th of each month, in order to guarantee it’s actioned in time.

    Your following month will be delivered as scheduled, so if you need to pause for more than 1 month, you’ll need to notify us each month.

    If you decide Gin Lane just isn’t for you, we’ll be devastated to see you go. In fact we may drink your bottle as well as ours to help us get over the loss! It’s no problem though, just drop us an email at admin@downginlane.com.au to request a cancellation of your membership. Don’t hesitate to come back at any time.

  • What do I get as a Gin Lane member?

    Depending on the membership level you have chosen, we’ll send you either 1 bottle per month (Enthusiast), or 1 bottle every 2 months (Curious) of premium craft gin.

    Each gin is carefully curated for our members and represents some of the best craft gins available. In addition to your gin, you will also receive great content each month, with tasting notes, distillery profiles and drink recipes and more.

    You’ll also receive news on special events, or offers exclusive to Gin Lane members.

  • How does it work?

    We’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible to join Gin Lane.

    1. Choose a membership option
    2. Sign up and provide your details
    3. Sit back and let us send your curated gin each month direct to your door

    Each month you’ll also be sent a great selection of content including history, tasting notes, cocktail recipes and distillery profiles

  • Who is Gin Lane?

    Gin Lane, like many great ideas, was born out of the passion of its founders. Paul and Lindsay, two Poms who now call Australia home, grew up in the old country where a G&T on ice with a slice of lemon was practically an institution.

    Having sensibly relocated to sunnier climes, they found ever more frequent opportunities to enjoy this incredible concoction. Along the way their appreciation has broadened to new ways of drinking the juniper spirit as well as new sources.

    Australia is flourishing in the production of spirits, new and old. Gin production is thriving and is a rapidly growing and appreciated category for spirit drinkers. Incredibly talented distillers are bringing new flavours to gin that are uniquely Australian. Lemon Myrtle, finger limes, lilli pilli, do these mean anything to you? If not you’ve come to the right place! We look forward to sharing these and more with you.