Bushfire affected producers

Bushfire affected producers
January 15, 2020 Gin Lane

While it’s easy and necessary to acknowledge part of what brought Stony Creek Distillery and Gin Lane together, it’s far from the whole story.

We have no doubt that, over time, we would have come together on a gin of the month. We’re just happy to have done so at a time when it helps that little bit more.

We spoke with Gavin early in the new year when their distillery was still in real danger from fire on three sides, only a handful of kilometres away.On New Years Eve Gavin and Karen were able to see two fire fronts on the hills, with another close enough to be a real danger if the wind shifted. Losing the sun for a couple of days, when the fires and smoke were at their worst, is a memory Gavin says they’ll never forget. The past weeks have been some of the most nerve-wracking and tiring of Gavin and Karen’s (and friends) lives.

We’re happy to say that some very lucky wind shifts and a great deal of work to fight off the fires, means that Stony Creek Distillery still stands. The rains that have fallen on the East coast in the last few days have extinguished the enormous fire on the South coast of NSW.

The couple can now move on with their work to open their gin school, which will benefit not only the distillery, but the local area more broadly, bringing in much needed tourism to the area.

It will no doubt be easy for those of us not directly affected by the fires to move on with our daily lives. We would just add our small voice to many others you’ll have heard to think about where you choose to spend your hard earned dollars over the coming months.

If you’re drinking a g&t, pick up a bottle from one of many affected distilleries.If you’re looking for a break, consider heading to an impacted town or region. If you see events on over the coming weeks and months, that will benefit hard hit businesses, consider heading along to support those events. Small things will add up and make a huge difference to businesses like Gavin and Karen’s.

For your consideration

We absolutely love the work that initiatives such as Spend With Them and Empty Esky (among others) are doing to encourage spending with bushfire affected communities and businesses.

We also have a number of worthy, industry specific choices that would appreciate your support no end.

Craft Drinks Market craftdrinksmarket.com.au – The Craft Drinks Market is a superb way to support bushfire affected producers now and in the future. You’ll have the opportunity to spend your dollars directly with producers across the ‘drinks’ spectrum. Gin Lane is a proud sponsor of the markets and we hope to see you there. Next market 22 March 2020.

The Community Spiritnipofcourage.com/thecommunityspirit – An industry specific initiative by Nip of Courage and ‘Spirits & Cocktails Australia’ to assist Australian Craft Distillers in need during the bushfire crisis. Check out the list of affected distilleries and consider adding their products to your collection.

The Aussie Spirit Auctionapp.galabid.com/aussiespirit –  A once-in-a-lifetime event by the crafts spirits distillers of Australia. Raising funds for communities affected by the drought & recent bushfires across the country. This is an online auction of some of the finest, rarest spirits in the country, with a superb gala dinner at the end of February to round it off.


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